East Village Explosion

LES Ready is currently providing services and support to the residents affected by the East Village explosion.

Beginning on Monday, April 13th, LES Ready will administer long-term case management and direct financial assistance for individuals and families who were displaced from the five buildings impacted by the blast. Those buildings include 123 Second Avenue, 121 Second Avenue, and 119 Second Avenue – all of which were completely destroyed – and 125 Second Avenue and 41 7th Street, which were both severely damaged.

To connect with LES Ready please visit us at 171 Avenue B or call 212-533-2541.

Weekday Hours
Monday -- 3pm - 7pm
Tuesday -- 9am - 1pm
Wednesday -- 9am - 1pm
Thursday -- 9am - 1pm
Friday -- 9am - 1pm

We are not accepting anymore "hard" donations (clothing or other goods), but are accepting gift cards, metro cards and other helpful items that do not require storage.

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